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Sponsored by SIsiba Fund created by Vivid Arts
Sponsored by
SIsiba Fund created by Vivid Arts

Miracles are bound to happen when we stand together

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Imagine being part of this ambitious movement to revolutionize our economy and maximize impact on our youth

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For years now, we have been bombarded with the concerns about the bleakness of the future of South Africa’s youth. Everything from poverty, crime, violence, unemployment and lack of education…

From one side, this has a ring of truth to it. Especially if one takes a look at our economy and the unemployment statistics.

However, from the other side, it seems to be overlooked that we mostly, have a whole generation of talented, bright, unjaded, positive, forward thinking creatives out there. A very dark picture has been painted for us but herein lies so many opportunities.

South Africa truly is an emerging butterfly.

Millions of youngsters are itching to make a sensational impact, with the support and the means to do so, change will follow.

They are on a path to reinvent and revolutionize the economy, with Dream Community’s engagement (utilizing government initiatives) let’s help them get there faster. Exciting times indeed!

Photo by: Dyaa Eldin

The Beyond a Dream Foundation believes in our youth. We believe that when we as a nation get behind our youth miracles are sure to follow. We feel privileged and blessed to have been called to serve on this journey and provide support and assistance to realize this dream.

This multidirectional collaboration between South African youth, business and our community will push this revolution into becoming a reality

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Helping to bridge the gap between leaving school and finding employment through soft-skills development workshops, online support, sponsoring short courses, access to applying for opportunities.

Getting jobs sooner and entrepreneurial opportunities

  • Do you have cool ideas for online courses and YouTube videos?
  • Do you have time to film our workshops to be placed on our blog?
  • Do you have expertise and would like to write informative relevant blog posts?
  • Do you have knowledge that will help us move forward?

(We want to reach and help our target audience the youth exponentially)

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Join us now!! Get involved if you feel moved to do so, please contact us

  1. Social support: help us build a Dream Community
  2. Donate time, expertise, ideas and feedback
  3. Much needed monthly or once off donations
  4. Sponsorship Involvement

Most importantly we call upon you to CARE, getting involved helps us all


  1. “you still have it.” Not so easy for me to access these days. I know part of it is the medicine I take for derepssion. But it is there, somewhere. To know you are seeing it and expressing it for all of us helps.Love, Barbara

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