4 Basic Interview Elements

Mastering the 4 basic interview elements will set you on a positive course to tackle what comes next in the interview process. (To be discussed in posts that will follow).

It is said that it only takes 7 seconds to make a first impression. Mastering the 4 basic Interiew elements will empower you not to loose your interviewers attention, so go out and make a unforgettable first impression!!

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4 Basic Interview Elements

  1. Be on time
  2. Appear self-confident
  3. Be knowledgeable
  4. Be friendly

Being late gives the impression that you are unable to manage your time well and also will be unable to be respectful of managing the company’s time well.

Now, being on time should not present such a big problem. But there are some of us that find this more of a challenge that others. If this applies to you, aim to be one hour earlier than the stipulated time of the interview. Anything can happen that will derail your plans. Rather be very, very early. You can always keep yourself busy until the set time.

Don’t underestimate the bad impression being late for an interview gives

There will be plenty other candidates that arrived on time to choose from, for the position you applied for.


Appearing self-confident (even when you are not) will set you apart from those that don’t seem confident. Confidence is an attractive quality and will give the impression that you will be a confident asset to the company. Remember, everyone has moments of self doubt, this is natural, we need to take control and push through.

TIP: Keep good eye contact and remember to breathe.

Knowledge is power. Find out what the company does and exactly what the job description entails. Create a good impression by working this information into some answers, if you can. Know what your personality strengths are and use this to your advantage.

Above this all you need to remain friendly and approachable. Don’t let your nerves get the better of you.

Keep in mind that your interviewer is a person just like you.

Friendly, confident people are the people we all want to be around.

Preparing for interviews is important and well worth the effort and time. Focusing on perfecting The 4 Basic Interview Elements will help you make the best of your first 7 seconds.

When an interview does not go well, don’t get discouraged, use what you have learned about yourself in the next interview. Becoming good at being interviewed is a skill that can be learned and refined with practice. By the time you become really impressive the right job for you might just be around the corner and you are now well prepared to impress…


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