Generate Interest like Brad Pitt’s Relationship Status


Generate interest and job hunt like a pro. If there is one thing that had us asking for more, it has been the uncoupling of Brangelina. Normal, usually disinterested people, has shown interest in this Hollywood drama, Brad Pitt’s relationship status has been a huge talking point.

Let’s face it, Angelina is a mega babe. But what is it, that Brad has, that made two very famous, gorgeous women fall head over heals for him?

After painstaking research… I have narrowed it down to 5 points

Generate interns like Brad Pitt's relationship status
Generate Interest like Brad Pitt’s’ Relationship Status


Now the next question you might want to ask me, might be:” How, VickiD, does this relate to me and my quest to find my dream job?”

Well, everything of course!!

If we look at successful people we can implement facets of their strong points to help us achieve some of our goals. I join FaceBook groups, listen to podcasts and find out who the movers and shakers are. Then, I take what I have learned and see how I can make it work for me.

Granted, there is only one Brad Pitt but he has a lot of qualities we can learn from.

So let’s begin, shall we?

  1. Charisma and Confidence:

You will ooze the charisma needed to make that good impression, when you confidently walk into that job interview, have a strong handshake and have your answers ready, practiced and down (prepared like an actor at an audition)

Being good at interviews takes practice; it’s not a skill you are born with.

Having done your baseline research, knowing what the job entails, that you are applying for, you can transform yourself into the ideal candidate needed for that role. Interest in the company leaves a good impression.

You know you have the skills required, now, you have to make them believe that only you can fulfill that role (believe this to be true, too).

2. Charm and Presence

When you take the interview, the outside world should fade away… This is the most important half hour, right now. Don’t get distracted, don’t think of all the new messages on your phone. Be fully engaged and present when taking pare in your interview.

Look into your interviewers eyes and give all your responses  adequate thought, you have time don’t rush (don’t think about the next question and your next answer). Listen carefully, don’t just throw your prepared answer in there, coz you think it sounds fantastic. Stay on point.

Breathe and relax. You have done the prep, now focus on selling yourself without being slimy. It is now the time to truly shine. If you are an introvert, don’t shrink away. You got this (even if you don’t get the job, it’s great practice.

3.  Impeccable Grooming

Be a reflection of the ideal person they have in mind for the position, by being dressed in suitable business attire.

Be warned:

Ladies – don’t show too much skin.

Gentlemen – do not look scruffy. Even jeans can be worn in a businessy way if you don’t have suit, a button up shirt with a nice jacket will go a long way, in a pinch.

Key words – Well Groomed not slovenly

4.  Great Friends

Think wider than your personal friends, think networking. If you are job hunting and you have friends who have jobs at companies you admire, you can always put the word out, that you are looking for opportunities. Brad Pitt is known for his circle of high achieving friends.

Use social media as most businesses do; as a place to connect.

Do research, join groups, engage and add value to this groups.

Instead of focusing on getting more Facebook Friends because of the rowdy party you went to, connect with people in interesting jobs (not in a stalkery, creepy way).

Reaching out and connecting takes time, keep this up even if you are employed, network and socialize with intention. You might be surprised at the possible outcome

5.  Heart of Gold

Help others. You might not think you have much to offer others, but don’t let that stand in your way.

Making an impression on social media and in life by helping others without expecting anything back will definitely come full circle with time.

So, if you are in a group and someone asked a question like:”My branding is feeling a bit stale. Does anyone have any advice?”

Perhaps you know of someone you can recommend that does design in a new and fresh approach, you can refer that person.

When you morph yourself into a handy dandy person that knows people and things, you will stand out and make an impression.

Putting yourself out there is difficult but so worth it to transition from no employment to being gainfully employed, or even finding better opportunities whilst being employed.

Always remember to add value. Be interesting and people will be interested in you. Help others and others will find ways to help you too.

Don’t fade into the crowd; find that one thing that makes you, you, and try to bring that out. We stand out when we are our truest selves; we can borrow from others but always be outstandingly, originally yourself. Brad Pitt is a strong example of being in tune with yourself and projecting yourself confidently.

Keep in mind, Brad will complain to bestie George Clooney when feeling upset about his break up, not to his next love interest. So… DO NOT complain about your previous/current employer during an interview when you are looking to find your next employer. Even when this is soooo tempting to do.







  1. Vicki, I love this! Your setup is great. Seeing this post title (which is incredible, by the way ) in your “recent posts” list on the sidebar instantly got me browsing through your blog. Great job! I will definitely stay caught up with what you are doing here!

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