7 Tips to Job Hunting Excellence


Job hunting is a difficult experience.  By staying motivated you will outshine your competitors.

7 tips to job hunting excellence

1.  Change your mindset

Remember the job that you accept has to serve you and your needs; it has to be a good fit for you. Don’t ever let your desperation to gain employment make you accept an offer that is less than or make your “Spidey Senses” tingle. Always listen to your inner you, trust yourself.

Coping in a job and being woefully unhappy everyday will not have you working there for long.

Job hunt a little while longer instead (don’t give in to discouragement).  Do not start at a new company when you had some doubts, wanting to run away after the excitement faded.

Being employed for a short while reflects badly on your resume and affects potential future job offers.

Know within yourself that the position needs to serve your needs as well as being a good fit for the company.

Expectations of working lots of overtime and weekends when you are an amateur wrestler with hopes of turning Pro one day, will create conflict. It would not make sense to even consider this opportunity as it will derail your personal ambitions. This will position you to give up your outside interests and in turn lead to unnecessary internal turmoil.

2.  Get aligned with a job that will serve as a success stepping stone.

You have to choose to be successful so that you can see the opportunities as they present themselves. If you have applied for a junior position at a dynamic company whose founding principle is to promote from within and enable their employees to best present themselves for growth by focusing on training and advancement, this will serve you well if you are ambitious. An opportunity like this will pay off in spades if you push through even when times get harder and the pressure increases

3.  Do frequent motivation checks

When you feel yourself loose some motivation make a conscious decision not to let it drag you down. Do something fun, even if you do not have money. Go take a walk with a friend. If your friends are all employed take a dog for a walk. Take a break from the things you normally do. Revisit your wish list. Remember that this is only a passing feeling and the world has the habit of turning itself right side up again in no time. Just detach from the emotion and relax into the time needed for you to get to the next step in your path.

4.  Take care of yourself

This seems to go without saying but getting good sleep will keep your mind fresh and not get trapped in negative self talk. Eat well and keep your body active. Don’t give into the temptation to just sit around and become a coach potato.

5.  Find something positive to do

Volunteering is good for the soul. There are many things one can do to apply yourself. When potential employers see a gap in your resume they will ask you about it. Being able to tell them that you spend time volunteering in animal shelters will show you in a positive light and will put you apart from the others that have no gaps in their resumes. This is a fantastic example of taking a potential negative situation and turning it into an impressive win.

6.  Visualise your perfect outcome

This is a powerful tool to keep you positive. When you regularly visualise yourself in your perfect outcome, when that opportunity arises it will feel familiar to you and you will know it too. Falling into the discouragement trap after having another interview without hearing back will be lessened because you already know what good feels and looks like. Always trust in yourself and always be good to yourself, keep thinking positive thoughts so that potential interviewers do not get negative vibes off you.

7.  Take action

Don’t let the thought of many interviews while job hunting discourage you. Think about it in fairy tale terms: “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince”. Every interview has learning potential; you perhaps have some learning to do yourself to enable you to get that job.

Evaluate if it is your interview skills that need improvement? If you perhaps ask to work in the office of the animal shelter you volunteer at and learn some practical skills, will that reference give you a better chance?

Feeling especially demotivated?

Change your state. Go for a run. Go outside and scream your lungs out and then explain yourself to the strangers giving you funny looks!!

Blaming too many competitors will not change your situation. Sitting at home doing nothing will get you nowhere. In every interview I ever went to while I was job hunting I got asked if I had some questions of my own. Take this opportunity to ask them if there is perhaps something in your resume that they are concerned about. Even if you can’t answer this question to the satisfaction of the interviewer, you would have still learned valuable information that you can improve upon for the next interview.

This process should not be seen as a bad experience, take this and learn from it. Knowing yourself is powerful. Learning about your endurance levels, skills and potential places to improve and how you deal with that information will make you a stronger candidate for next time.

Taking perceived negative feedback and turning it into constructive criticism builds character.

Realistically we know that no one is perfect.  Learning to put our ego and hurt feelings aside and working to better ourselves is worth more than any one university degree. Improving your emotional intelligence will not only have a positive impact on your job finding abilities but also in different aspects of your life, staying balanced is a sought after quality that not all possess.

Remember the law of averages is on your side, the more interviews you do while job hunting the more your chances of finding that one job that’s right for you increase as well.

7 tips to job hunting excellence 7 Tips to Job Hunting Excellence
7 Tips to Job Hunting Excellence

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